Wandering Goat Adventure Photography

Insight into the techniques that I use to create quality photo & video in the field.

Long exposure is probably my favorite technique in photography. If you have been on my website (shame on you if you haven’t), you’ll see it used in almost every single one of my galleries. It can create a multitude of effects from motion blur, to star trails, light-painting and even removing people from a shot. Not to mention […]

It’s hard not to notice the massive volcanic craters of Diamond Head and Koko Head when visiting the island of Oahu. What’s little known to most visitors is that there is in fact a third sister hidden just North of Waikiki, nestled in a dense jungle valley. Her name is Ka’au Crater and she is […]

Welcome to my new adventure photography/videography blog! If you are curious about what goes into the photos and videos I produce or just need some ideas for your next trip this here blog is right up your alley. I started out filming skateboard sessions with my friends in high school and progressed into skydive videography […]